January 10, 2010

Rare Sighting!

By: Slaggot
Stardoll’s most famous socially-awkward recluse, otherwise known as Undamyumbrellla, was seen in a rare public appearance purchasing yarn.

Many will remember Kasia from attempting to patent the stick, or as she called it, “a dog toy made of a wood or wood composite substance”. After becoming the laughingstock of Stardoll, she turned to a doomed life of being a cat-lady (since she could no longer stand to look at dogs).

It has been said that she is now collecting cats and has a 'collection' with over 732048 cats - one that is growing everyday.

When approached and asked what the yarn was for, she muttered something about telephones and Kraft Dinner for her cats in what appeared to be a code language.

Translators throughout the globe are trying to work on cracking this code but no success has been had thus far.

After she bought the yarn, she disappeared back into the walls of the Starplaza, which is where she has been residing as of late.


Tess said...


sd_is_da_best said...

Great! :)

shanelrouge- said...

My cats love Kraft Dinner!

iina. said...


JennyPenny22 said...

Um Okay....
The cat lady thing was kinda random and I know this is a fake gossip blog but I thought it was supposed to be semi...realistic?