December 23, 2009

Isabella gets help.

By: Baya NikolasIsabella.Arci is currently seeking treatment at a rehab center for her hoarding addiction. The former supermodel is hoping to kick this habit away so she can rekindle her friendship with ex-BFF Noelle_Page.


*future*celeb* said...

Lolz, just went to her page before I read this. I'm glad shes getting the help she needs, her place is a pigsty!!!

Anonymous said...

you spelt noelle_page wrong. thought i'd let you know. :D
`nyways your so right bout isabella the suite is waaaaay too cluttered! she hasn't changed her clothes in months and i don't think she has ever had anything other than that awful layered hairstyle it's just one big pilled mess!!

Anonymous said...

ohh an` i also red somewhere that shes part of the stardoll staff. do with that what you will!!

happy holidays E news!!!!