October 11, 2010

No end to Style’s financial problems?

Desprate for cash, Style_Magazine has put up some of her wardrobe on sale for almost 2 weeks now.

pulled out ALL the stops to make us buy her... crapwhichshesellsfordoublewhatshegotthemfor. Whoring it out at SFW was really what got a lot of us peeved of, she was forced out of the building. She’s carried on pestering us by texting our beloved stardoll elite...when will she give up? Style does have a baby to provide for- will she EVER give in? Do you think she’ll bring out her sensational magazine once again as a last resort?

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iswim19 said...

She's kind of a wanna-be now, she used to be an icon but shes just faded now. Style can't hold her ground like Ellie still is, but if, and when, she does bring her magazine back, we will surely see a huge increase in sales.